December 2018 (Mooretown Lady Flags)

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Mooretown Lady Flags Executive Meeting
Tuesday, December 4, 2018 7:25PM
Mooretown Arena Seniors Room

Financial Update: Andrea Lane

-Bank Account currently standing at $34,030.34

-$728.86 raised by poinsettia fundraiser

-$500.00 donated by Captain Kidd Days

-Request for team managers to submit an up to date budget, see Action Items

Registration Update: Erin Hogan

-discussion on injured player refund request, details not posted due to confidentiality

Fundraising Update: Erin Nesbit - Not present

-Cookie Dough Fundraiser order delayed by mail strike, pick up will be at Nisbet House on Friday, December 14, 2018, see Action Items

Equipment & Coach Development Update: Jason Nesbit

Motion – Missi Routley - Mid-year survey for coaches and bench staff, see Action Items

Seconded – Bryan Jeff

-Suggestion for Executive/Board/Association survey to be created and distributed in March

Sponsorship Update: Marilyn Maiorat

-Sponsor signs and boards now in place

Referee & Ice Update: Kara Dewhirst

-Current Ice/Referee Invoices being confirmed for payment

-Referee Invoice – November 2018 - $796.00

-Ice Invoice – November 2018 – $2,491.04 - Incorrect, see Action Items

Communications Update: Kaylen Burgess (Not Present)

-No update

League Update: Bryan Jeffrey

-Lower Lakes fine has been paid

-WOGHL games scheduled until beginning of February 2019

-Essex-Kent currently holding meeting

Compliance Update: Missi Routley

-80% compliant for police/vulnerable sector checks, see Action Items


Motion – Kara Dewhirst - Secretary to have all Executive Meeting minutes emailed within 1 week of the meeting to all executive members, board to approve minutes at beginning of following meeting and communications to post approved minutes to the website within 1 week of approval.

Seconded – Bryan Jeffrey

Action Items


Next Meeting: Thursday, January 24, 2018 @ 6:30pm Seniors Room


Kevin Slater

Seconded Jason Nesbit