May 2018 (Mooretown Lady Flags)

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PrintMay 2018


Mooretown Lady Flags Initial Meeting
(Immediatly following 2018 AGM)
Monday May 28, 2018


To do: Set a time for the first official board meeting.


12.5% of the MTMHA cash calendars ($16,500) were sold by Lady Flags.  Therefore they believe Lady Flags should be entitled to 12.5% of that. Donations as well, to be gone over and figure out what Lady Flags are entitled to.


The Lady Flags will approach MTMHA and see what percentage they have to work with as far as monies going to Lady Flags.



Nomination: Missi Routley

All in favour


Director of Communications
Nomination: Kaylen Burgess

All in favour


Motion: Approach MTMHA and ask for the membership AND cash calendar ratios as far as monies they feel Lady Flags are entitled to.  – Kevin Slater

Second:  Brian Jeffrey

All in favour


2018 / 2019 Registration: Kaylen would like an online form.  This will generate a spreadsheet with all the information.  Will be much easier.  Kaylen will look after getting this put together & getting online. Bank account will be looked into to see what can be done as far as etransfer etc.


Timeline will be created and followed.


Constitution:  Brian (OWHA) is working on rewriting and editing.  Marnie Vickerd and Chantel Steele have also offered to assist.  A review committee will be created to go over once Brian is done.


10+ hours of ice is available to be divvied up into practices.


Signing authority for the bank account/cheques will be 2 out of 3.  President, Treasurer or Secretary.


There are different levels of hockey that Lady Flags can play in.  Might be something to look into depending on numbers.  Possibly shuffling some players around and making mixed team.


Finance group will get together and crunch some numbers.