2018 AGM (Mooretown Lady Flags)

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Mooretown Lady Flags Annual General Meeting
Monday May 28, 2018

President - Jody Gagne
Registrar -  Andrea Murphy
OWHA Rep / Board Member -Mike Hobbs


Update / Season Overview:

Successful season, strong showing provincial, few suspensions over the season



Timeline for association update:

March 2018 -Post was made on MTMHA website that they were recreating roles for Lady Flags exec.  They were asked to pull that down as per Lady Flags are a separate association.  It was removed back when girls hockey program has been running for 14 yrs, previously as Mooretown Storm. Try outs, booking ice, coaches process, criminal checks, registration, rostering were done through girls hockey association.  Coaches meetings, budgets, OWHA contact, permissions to skate, discipline, WOGL meetings, schedule meetings, scheduling was completed by Lady Flags.MTMHA has provided ice slots, cut cheques.  Members volunteer their hours to MTMHA events. 

March 2018 -  MTMHA strongly believed that Lady Flags didn’t exist as a seperate association. OWHA was contactedand were informed that Lady Flags are in fact their own association.  OWHA then checked into Lady Flags and provided a letter that they separated in 2014.

April 2018- OWHA suggested the AGM be postponed until June, Jody indicated the members wouldn’t got for that and was able to put if off until at least today.  Lady Flags requested funds from MTMHA and were told that it would be discussed at the next board meeting.  Haven’t heard anything back yet.

May 2018 -MTMHA posts on their website they are running a hockey program.  Lady Flags contacted OWHA and was told MTMHA couldn’t run their own, they are not sanctioned.  Jody contacted Jason Bourdage (MTMHA President) and he indicated that MTMHA was working to start their own girls hockey program.  After that Jason said they would get their own ice back and donate the jerseys.  Lady Flags would now be beginning with $0 in their bank.  OWHA said to hit the pavement with the fundraising, it can be done.  Registration was beginning for Lady Flags, registration fees posted.  Registration is usually done at try outs but Lady Flags delayed due to confusion and to accommodate members.  Currently there is one player registered to play for Lady Flags.

Cash Calendars- in order to be financially feasible there has to be significant fundraising.  Not set in stone but workable for now.  Increase in registration cost. 

May 2018 - Scheduled a meeting with MTMHA and Brian from OWHA.  Brian confirmed that Lady Flags must be a separate organization.  MTMHA seemed to be in acceptance of that. OWHA has instructed Lady Flags to do what they’ve been doing, things will fall into place.


Present:  Lady Flags need to get a new ice contract with MTMHA.  A new website has been set up at www.mooretownladyflags.ca The current Executive has announced their resignations.



Roles that are available:




Nominations: Kevin Slater

All in favour



Nominations: Theresa Potvin

All in favour



Nominations: Andrea Lane

All in favour



Nominations: Erin Hogan

All in favour


Ice Convenor and Ref Scheduler:

Nominations: Kara Dewhurst

All in favour



Nominations: Erin Nesbit

All in favour



Nominations: Marilyn Morait

Accepts providing there is no conflict with MTMHA position


League Liasion for WOGL:

Nominations: Brian Jeffrey

All in favour


Coach Development:

Nomination: Jason Nesbit

All in favour


Registration fees: $38,000 of income

Costs of running is approx. $42,000

Ice refs, insurance, coaching certifications


Constitution: needs to be redone, Brian Chapel is going to rewrite it for Lady Flags.  He is willing to help with anything that is needed. 



Q: Is there a budget from last year?

A: We were under the boys, Kevin can help with that and show what came in and what went out.


Q: Will registration for May 31 be extended.

A: It will be, the new Executive members have been asked to stay a little after this meeting to fill out some direction.


Theresa Potvin thanked the outgoing Executive members for their work with Mooretown Lady Flags.


Meeting adjourned