General Information (Mooretown Lady Flags)

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Lady Flags Fees Breakdown

Base Fee -
This fee covers the base cost of registration

Membership Fee - $10.00 Non-Refundable Membership fee applied to the 1st player’s registration per invoice (paid 1x per family)

Gate Pass Fee - Mooretown Lady Flags do not charge for gate fees

Volunteer Fee Deposit - This is in place to encourage members to volunteer their time to assist in running a successful hockey program.

A one time deposit, in the form of a $500 post-dated cheque, is required from every family registered.
This is now returned upon completing 6 hours  of volunteer time.

Please note that this fee is to be paid via a post-dated cheque at the start of the season. Your team manager will be collecting these cheques. Players will NOT be permitted on the ice until the cheque is received.

Volunteer cheques are to be made payable to Mooretown Lady Flags and dated for May 1, 2024.
If more than one player is registered it will be collected by the team of the oldest player.
When volunteer time is completed cheques will be returned/voided.
If volunteer time is not completed by May 1, 2024, and no arrangements to volunteer have been made with the Volunteer Coordinator, cheques will be cashed on May 2, 2024.

Any NSF cheques will result in player participation being prohibited until all fees (cheque and NSF penalties) are paid in full.

Refund Policy:

Prior to October 1st - 100% of registration is refunded
Prior to November 1st - 75% of registration is refunded
Prior to December 1st - 50% of registration is refunded
After December 1st - NO refund is given